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Our prices do not include shipping and packaging. This will vary from one customer to the next depending on how and where you want it shipped.

Chain Saw Sculptures

No two chain saw carvings are ever identical. Cracking and checking are a part of the aging process of logs and become an integral part of the character of each piece.

Tiki carving with tongue table and Geckos on back

Carved from aromatic cedar.

Sealed with polyurethane



Here is the finished restoration of the Mickey and Minnie Mouse chainsaw carved bench. Bugs and water can cause some serious damage to carvings when they are sitting on dirt. Sandblasted off the old finish, carved new feet for both pieces, amputated the old rotten feet, attached the new feet with two 1.25" dowels per statue and polyurethane glue. Then I added 4 elevator bolts to each carving to keep them off the ground and allow for balance adjustments. Finished by treating the wood with Cedar Shield. It penetrates the wood and displaces the water with a mixture of cedar oil, liquid quartz and white mineral oil. Basically it turns the carvings into petrified wood. Goodbye bugs. Hello happy carvings.

Do you have a carving that needs repair? You can e-mail me at and include pictures of the damage.