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Our prices do not include shipping and packaging. This will vary from one customer to the next depending on how and where you want it shipped.


This is our sign.

It was woodburned into a 4 x 8 foot sheet of exterior grade plywood.

The trim is treated landscape timbers.

See the examples below for ideas of what we can do for you.


This painted sign is 4 x 5 feet, exterior grade 3/4" plywood.

We did this one for the business across the street from us.


This sign was designed to hang over the owners driveway.

It measures 5'-6" long and 12" high.

The text and constellation of the southern cross were routered in to a depth of 1/4".

The depression of the routing was burned to the deep color you see here.

The aging of the board was done with a torch.

So, as you can see, just because the sign is new doesn't mean it can't look old.




Assorted residential signs we have done

Prices start at $40